Jan. 27th, 2016

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Normally when I get media requests lately, it's either about US politics (that is, technically, my position's job...), or more likely about Syrian refugees. So I was more than a little surprised when a reporter from the Ottawa Citizen contacted me...to do a piece on the X-Files?

Yeah, so when I wrote an article about how fans engage transformatively with gender in Mulder/Scully romance fic, I didn't really expect to be getting cited as an international expert on The X-Files. Nevertheless, it was great fun to do the interview, and then to record the video and have a little photoshoot in Scully-cosplay.

If you haven't seen me talking about it elsewhere, here's the article. It also features a snazzy video of me being interviewed in my office: witness the piles of random paper on every surface! The entry tickets from Byblos and the Musée National du Liban taped to the wall over my shoulder! Most importantly, my hand-knitted Scully doll judging me over my shoulder as I talk about her characterization and the MSR arc!

And anyone want to talk about the eps? I've got thoughts about 1) transforming the paranoid politics of the 1990s into the surveillance politics of the 2010s 2) the show's continual hamhanded dealing with motherhood and complex portrayals of fatherhood 3) how goddamn good Gillian Anderson looks...


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