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Two of these are not like the other:

1) El Koshary (Egypt's answer to The Onion), SCAF declares itself "creator and maintainer of the universe,". LOLz. Thanks to [blogspot.com profile] loveanddistain for passing it on.

2) Oh also? The Kuwaiti National Assembly's been dissolved. HA HA HA *WEEP* This is different than previous dissolutions in structure, in that there won't be new elections, but it points to the extent to which the amir's power feels threatened by the current opposition-led parliament: he's basically ordered a legal trial separation while everyone pursues couples' therapy. Anyway, here's Kuwait Times on the subject.

3) And everything else I'm reading about Egypt:

If you just want a good summary: this one explains what's up and why it all sucks.

The English text of the amendments
Basic article about the MB protests, which are both for Morsi and against the SCAF constitutional amendments
This also talks about protests, but it doesn't just call them MB (which is correct)
The Constituent Assembly, despite the parliment that elected it having been dissolved, has elected a chair; let's see if we get any constitution out of it.
Hey Ikhwan? Know how you won the parliamentary elections, and may have won the presidency? Now is a good time for us to decide if you're illegal.
Here are some funny ways people invalidated their ballots. VOTE BATMAN.

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Date: 2012-06-20 12:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] loveanddisdain.blogspot.com
And another, albeit brief take on the business, focusing on the Muslim Brotherhood's shaky ground with the electorate.



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