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I'm a little late finishing up Dress Your Best Week. However, I did have some photos and thoughts I wanted to post, so might as well get them up. The ladies of Academichic have posted some really great guides (here and here) to what was posted last week; I recommend you check them out, if you've got an interest. (And thanks again for hosting!)

Anyway, here is my outfit from Wednesday, May 12

reception outfit

Blazer: Banana Republic
Graphic tee: hand-me-down
Belt: Macy's
Jeans: thrifted
Shoes: vintage, from my mother-in-law (I told you she was an endless font of shoe-y goodness)

Celebrating The Rest of the University, and My Wedding Anniversary )


I spent most of the rest of the week and weekend dressed like a slob, because I was on vacation: a roadtrip to Western Massachusetts, and then my wife's reunion. This involved some adventuring in the wilderness:


zomg water

But I did have one day when I had to dress up: for Ivy Day. I'll admit, I have more warm and fuzzy feelings about Smith than I do about Yale. Some of it is that it's a women's college, which means there's a feeling of solidarity and support for your fellow members of the community that isn't there at co-ed schools; some of it is that Yale is kind of a big giant semi-evil behemoth; some of it is that I didn't go to Smith, so all my memories of it are of having fun on weekends with my wife and her friends. But Ivy Day is my favorite of all Smith traditions: you march through a long cordon of awesome women (and, especially in the more recent classes, more than a few awesome men), and everyone cheers for each other.

Here are me, my wife, our friend, and Mr. X on Ivy Day:

ivy day

On me:

Blazer: Banana Republic
Shirt: Ann Taylor, hand-me-down
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, from my mother-in-law

On Mr. X:

Shirt: GAP Kids
Pants: Thrifted

On my wife (L):
Everything's thrifted (we basically cleaned out our Goodwill; who owns this much white?

On our friend (R):
I have no idea, but the tights are mine! And, hey, I don't think she returned them...

Oh, and my friend, while asking not to be identified, did want me to relay that her hometown has some serious issues.

I had fun doing this! (And thanks to [personal profile] sofiaviolet who joined me.) I do have thinky thoughts on dressing for fieldwork and dressing for teaching, which I'll probably haul out in a couple weeks, when I'm stressing about my writing and in a bad mood.
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Day Two: Mannishly

Jacket: Vintage, from my father-in-law
Sweater: Banana Republic, hand-me-down
Jeans: GAP, hand-me-down
Invisible Tank-Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: I actually wore my sneakers out of the house; these I just threw on to run in the back yard.

There is a picture of me somewhere in existence, though I don't now have a copy. It was taken my senior year in college. I'm walking down the aisle of a ballroom set up for the closing ceremonies of a Model UN competition. I had just won a best delegate award for my committee (a reenactment of the 1947 partition plan drawing committee in Palestine, if I remember right), and the team's photographer was taking pictures of everyone as they walked back from getting their awards. (We had a pretty high win-rate--and were undefeated that year.) I'm wearing grey dress slacks, a blue oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and my blue-and-purple silk tie. My hair is pulled back, and I'm flashing devil horns at the camera with the hand not holding my cheap wooden gavel.

In my head, that is what I look like when I am awesome.

thoughts on gender performance and daily drag )

This is, in fact, the hammer

My arms: These Are, In Fact, The Hammer )
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This week, I'm participating in Dress Your Best week, a week of fashion blogging to celebrate your best features, rather than camoflage your worst. It's about celebrating your body and your sense of style; that's something I can get behind.

Although, like many people, I have insecurities and anxieties about my body, for this week I'm going to be positive, even aggressively so. I'd appreciate it if my readers would act in kind; body-snarking will not be well-tolerated.

On to the first set of outfits:

mom jeans #1

Outfit one:

Blue notch-collared t-shirt: hand-me-down
Grey Cable-Knit Cardigan: GAP Outlet
Belt: Macy's
Jeans: hand-me-down
Pink leather flip-flops: vintage, from my mother-in-law

(On Mr. X: onesie, Target; pants, GAP Kids)

mom jeans #2

Outfit two:

Lilac ribbed long-sleeved shirt: hand-me-down
Corduroy Blazer: vintage, from my father-in-law
Jeans: hand-me-down
Belt: Ann Taylor (Outlet?)
Scarf: vintage, from my mother-in-law
Shoes (not pictured): Vegan Saucony Jazz in Black/Oatmeal (I love these shoes, but sadly, they wear out very easily--they've had a tear in the toe since about three months into owning them. Sadface.)

(On Mr. X: sweatshirt, Hanna Anderssen; pants, GAP Kids; sneakers, Merrill)

This is me in my mom jeans.

The concept of mom jeans, the patriarchy, and the political use of problematic symbols )

Actual notes on the outfit, including minimal-effort principles for looking less like a schlub while wearing one's mom jeans )


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