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Hana Malhas has a new video out!

Hana is a Jordanian/American singer-songwriter, who plays the guitar and piano (I think?) and who is currently making music with her band The Overthinkers, which is, let's be real, the best band name. I think I've recced her here before, but oh well.

If, like me, you are easily seduced by singer-songwriter types performing covers of hip-hop, here she is doing Kanye West's Stronger.

You can stream their latest album at her website; it's also on Spotify, at least in the US. I discovered her on MideastTunes originally.
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Has it really been that long? Well, my end of semester, like most academics', was packed. Once my grades were turned in, it didn't really get any easier, since I had to finish the final revisions on my dissertation and get it uploaded to ProQuest. However, that is now over--that's right, it's Dr. [personal profile] ajnabieh these days--and I don't have any papers to return until, ugh, Monday, so I guess I can spare a moment for the interwebs.

This semester's teaching is going well; both of my lecture courses are packed, and the students seem at least minimally engaged. (We'll see how they did on today's geography quiz, and on Friday's critical source analyses, I suppose!) I am realizing, slowly, that I can't expect undergraduate students to understand the whole breadth of things "the state" does already, so I have to, you know, explain what tax and divorce policy have to do with the politics of sex and gender (spoiler: everything), rather than them coming up with it on their own. My seminar was so small it almost got cancelled, but it's grown to a good size (5 students), and I'm quite excited to teach it.

My research is also headed in some interesting places--or at least I think they are! In particular, I've been experimenting with Storyful to organize and record data I'm collecting from Twitter on diaspora advocacy for revolutionary transitions in the Arab world. You can see the three Storyfuls I've published so far here; I think the one on Mohja Kahf is particularly interesting. As a corrollary to this, my interest in how we engage politically in online spaces, and what the methodological challenges to studying politics in digital worlds are, has only grown; so, you know, expect me to ramble about this at y'all at some point in the future. (Has anyone read any of the literature on digital ethnographies? Any suggestions?)

What else? Not much. Oh, I have a bunch of images stacked up for posts, both about food, because, well, what else do I write about? And, if you're at all interested in good indie music from the Middle East and North Africa, Mideast Tunes has been providing the soundtrack to my work life lately. I can particularly recommend Hana Malhas, who has a lovely singer-songwriter vibe in both Arabic and English, and Meen, a hip and funky combo with a lot of energy in their songs. They also seem to highlight metal music from the region, so, if that's your bag, there's plenty there for you!

And with that, I leave you--with fashion posts. Since trivial!fashion!blogging is, really, what I excel at.

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Proof I've been a terrible blogger this summer: I had links from July stored in a "to be blogged" file on my browser. D'oh. Anyway, I culled them, and these two were still worth posting:

Cute children bloggers and depressing Palestinian politics )

And now, on to some actually contemporary links! Le sigh.

Social media, post-conflict women's philanthropy, political pop music, and women and Park51 )

And, since watching the Shatha Hassoun video sent me down a rabbit hole of Arabic pop on YouTube, let me just close by linking to Ah W Nuss (Yes and a Half) and Ya Salam (...Oh peace, literally? but it's just an interjection? Translating song titles is hard) by Nancy Ajram, with English subtitles.
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I've been in that exciting hole in the ground called "start-of-semester-major-conference-with-interviews-and-job-applications-omg." Sorry for my absence; I've been reading and sometimes commenting, but not posting. Bad blogger.

But let me pop in with some EXTREMELY EXCITING MUSIC. I have just encountered The Narcycist, an Iraqi-Canadian rapper, via this video, Hamdullah, which is making heavy rotation among my Facebook friends. I can't seem to get the YouTube version to embed here, which makes me sad, but it's a beautiful video, religious in a way but also just human and moving. This then lead me to his website, which has the glorious URL http://www.iraqisthebomb.com/ and then shortly to his YouTube page and his MySpace, where you can hear a lot of his music. (It also appears he has a bunch of tracks for download on his website, and you can then PayPal him money for them; I have every intention of doing this once I have some cash around, but for right now I'm sticking to the online options.)

Anyway, I'm vaguely in love with his video P.H.A.T.W.A., because it is hilarious. I'm particularly enamored of the dancing Guantanamo detainees. Yes, you read that right. Go watch it.

Now, back to this post-doc "research statement"...


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