Jun. 25th, 2013

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Like most people, I was annoyed about Google Reader going away, since it's the way I read blogs these days that aren't on Dreamwidth. (Though, since I usually read it on my phone, it means I don't comment much--sorry, Dr. Koshary et al.) However, I am feeling particularly smart right now, because I solved my problem: Dreamwidth feeds.

Duh, I know, right?

Anyway, this means I just imported all of my blogs from Reader onto here, and I am very pleased. I also just created a bunch of new feeds, which some of you might be interested in, like...

[syndicated profile] connectedincairo_feed - Connected in Cairo, the blog of Mark Allen Peterson, an ethnographer of transnationalism in Egypt and one of my favorite academic bloggers.
[syndicated profile] feministphilosophers_feed - Feminist Philosophers, an excellent source for info both about feminist philosophy, feminist criticism of the field of philosophy, and feminist analysis of the contemporary world.
[syndicated profile] gfshoestring_feed - Gluten-Free on a Shoestring, One of my favorite gluten-free baking & cooking blogs. I have one of her cookbooks, and have made a bunch of her online recipes--if you're a GF person, she's totally worth following.
[syndicated profile] mmw_feed - Muslimah Media Watch, which has a great variety of articles on issues that effect Muslim women worldwide.
[syndicated profile] mideastchannel_feed - The Middle East Channel, great analysis by academics and think-tank types on contemporary Middle Eastern politics.
[syndicated profile] tinycatpants_feed - Tiny Cat Pants, a fabulous blogger who writes about Tennessee politics, crochet, her dramatic family issues, and witchcraft.
[syndicated profile] wrongingrights_feed - Wronging Rights, a group blog on human rights law with a heavy dose of snark
[syndicated profile] rebelecon_feed - Rebel Economy, a great blog on the Egyptian economy post-revolution
[syndicated profile] koonj_feed - Koonj, the blog of my dear friend Shabana Mir, which has some great posts right now on her recent experience teaching research methods in her native Pakistan

Anyone else have recs for feeds I should follow? I was glad to see that [syndicated profile] alreadypretty_feed and [syndicated profile] racialicious_feed were already created...


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