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I got my fifteen minutes of policy-wonk fame last Thursday, when an article I wrote for the Middle East Channel (a dedicated group blog, run by Foreign Policy, on Middle Eastern politics) ended up designated their "top story." (While it no longer has that status, it's still on the front page, so I'm still rather pleased.) In any case, if you're at all interested in Egyptian economics, international financial institutions, or what technical negotiations about fuel subsidies can tell us about the underlying state of democracy, check out my piece: Politicizing Egypt's Economic Reform. Also, note the most interesting thing I learned from reading approximately 200 news articles about the Egypt/IMF negotiations: Christine LaGarde is really really tall.

And now, back to the Batcave of writing...
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Lagarde, Qandil hope for IMF deal before end of year, Egypt Independent: Basic summery of the outcome of today's meeting between Prime Minister Hisham Qandil and IMF director Christine Lagarde.

Egyptian activists call for protest against IMF loan Wednesday, Ahram Online: anti-IMF demos in Cairo; groups doing the organizing had done anti-loan activism before the revolution, as well.

Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde: This is mostly boilerplate, but it suggests a successful meeting, and also says that a technical team will be arriving in September to start actual negotiations.

Egypt: the IMF Loan, Open Democracy: A critical assessment of why Egypt wants the IMF loan, but the policy prescriptions that come with it might not be the best idea.


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